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Tech consult for synthesizing nmc precursor from raw material

Cathode precursor is the key raw material for the preparation of NCM cathode active material. The ternary precursor is Nickel-Cobalt-Manganese hydroxide, which can be divided into NCM811 precursor, NCM622 precursor, NCM523 precursor and NCA precursor according to different constituent proportions of elements. In the cathode industry chain of the lithium-ion batteries, the final performance of the cathode material will inherit the morphological and structural characteristics of its precursor.

The quality of the battery cathode precursor (morphology, particle size, particle size distribution, specific surface area, impurity content, vibration density, etc.) directly determines the physical and chemical index of the cathode sintered product. Our researchers are now busy exploring new precursor materials, such as high robustness and precursors with different morphologies and different internal structures.

Our team provide tech consulting and tech transfer for battery cathode precursor synthesis as below process

  • Particle morphology control

  • Particle growth control

  • Controllable particle distribution

  • Controllable  Ni-Co-Mn element ratio (Ni90, NMC811, 622, 523,111)

  • Design of precursor structure

a syntesis NCM811 SEM picture
how to syntesize NCM811 SEM
pCAM811 cathode precursor synthesis flow chart
ncm811 cathode precursor synthesis flow chart
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