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Customize your cathode precursor  production plant

Our team will design the produciton line for producing cathode precursor of NMC, sodium-ion(Prussian blue analogues),LMFP according to your needs:

  • laboratory line

  • pilot plant 

  • factory massive production plant


The simplified process mainly includes salt, alkali, ammonia preparation process, crystallization reaction process, constant temperature aging, washing and drying process.

Batching system

Metering system

Synthesis system

Aging system

Washing system

Drying and screening system

The complete set of ternary precursor equipment produced by our company includes: batching kettle, precision filter, storage tank, metering pump, skid, precursor reactor, aging kettle, washing machine, dryer, screening machine, etc.

The complete set of equipment is mainly divided into 6 systems: The main process of the complete set of equipment is to accurately add the materials configured by the batching system into the synthesis system through the metering system to synthesize the desired products, and then remove the impurities in the products through the washing system, and then pass through the drying system to dry and screening system to remove impurities. 

Below is only listed part of the machine items , we could design and select suitable machine, plant layout , construction details according to your production process, production capacity and requirements. 

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