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Customized chemical reactor for cathode precursor synthesis

Cathode solution is engaged in the design, manufacture of non-standard cathode precursor reactor for experimental ,pilot and factory line,  which has a reasonable novel structure design.

It could be used in the lithium ion battery also sodium-ion battery.

It realizes the complete isolation of the precursor reactor from the external atmosphere, reduces the mechanical friction and maintenance costs , and fully meets the production requirements of cathode precursor device.

Why cathode precuror reactor is so important?

The complex synthesis of the cathode precursor is mainly realized by co-precipitation reaction of salt solution, alkali solution and ammonia solution through a metering pump according to a certain ratio.  During the whole process, the well reacted slurry will overflow from the reactor, and then go through a series of processes of filtration, washing, filtration, drying, mixing, demagnetization, and packaging, and produce the finished precursor material in the end. To define high quality of current nmc precursor product is from the physical index Na<100ppm; S<1200ppm; magnetic foreign matter<20ppb (export Samsung/LG standard).

So it is extremely important to design and select the nmc precursor device, which directly determines the shape and quality of the final precursor cathode active material.

Our designed CSTR (Continuous Stirred Tank Reactor)

Our FYF type continuous stirred tank reactor provides a novel design for cathode precursors synthesis in lithium-ion batteries and sodium-ion batteries. The double-layer tank is designed for heat preservation and leakage prevention. There is no bearing at the bottom of the main shaft, which reduces the number of maintenance. The overflow pipe realizes continuous production, has a long service life, stable products, reduces pollution and reduces costs.

  • There is a top bracket on the top of the precursor reactor body, and a motor is fixed on one side of the top bracket. The precursor reactor body includes an inner tank and an outer tank.

  • There is a main shaft inside the precursor reactor body, and a driving shaft is installed inside the top bracket. The upper end of the driving shaft is directly connected to the motor through a reducer, and the lower end is connected to the main shaft through a coupling. Also the main shaft is equipped with a double-layer stirring paddle.

  • Precursor reactor body is equipped with a feeding pipe, a temperature detection device, a pH detection device, a ventilation device, a test mirror, a sampling taken out port, etc.  And a ventilation device extending to the bottom of the precursor reactor body, the bottom of the reactor body is provided with a materials outlet port.

Cathode Solution company’s cathode precursor reactor of FYF type feeds into balls quickly, and complexes and co-precipitates to form spherical cathode precursor products. For example, if using the type of FYF6500L, the production capacity of nmc precursor 622/811 single crystal products is 900kg/day, the production capacity of 523 products is 2 tons/day, the production capacity of precursor 622 standard products is 2.5 tons/day.

mechanical design of a cathode presursor reactor

Below is the mechanical specification of one type of the cathode precursor reactor, we could design the structure according

to your production capacity and requirements. 

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