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Customize your LFP cathode material production plant

Our team will design the produciton line for synthesizing LFP CAM according to your needs:

  • laboratory scale equipment

  • pilot plant 

  • factory commercial production plant


a flow chart for battery-grade LFP cathode material manufacturing process

LFP cathode material manufacturing process flow chart

The complete set equipments of LFP lithium iron phosphate cathode includes:  feeding system, PP material reactor,
sand mill, spray dryer, atmosphere roller furnace, storage bin, jet pulverize, vibrating screen, packing machine, etc.

The general process like: 

A certain amount of anhydrous iron phosphate, lithium carbonate and organic carbon source are thoroughly mixed with a certain amount of deionized water, and then ground with a sand mill to make the slurry particle size meet the requirements. Then it is spray-dried, and the powder material is put into a sagger and roasted in a high-temperature nitrogen atmosphere furnace to obtain lithium iron phosphate material, which is then air-pulverized, sieved, demagnetized, mixed and packaged for storage. 

Below is only listed part of the machine items , we could design and select suitable machine, plant layout , construction details according to your production process, production capacity and requirements. 

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