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Customize your FP anhydrous iron phosphate production plant

Our team will design the produciton line for synthesizing anhydrous FP iron phosphate according to your needs:

  • laboratory equipment line

  • pilot plant 

  • factory commercial production plant


a flow chart for battery-grade anhydrous iron phosphate manufacturing process

LFP cam precursor manufacturing process flow chart

The complete set equipments of FP anhydrous iron phosphate includes: preparation tank, precision filter, storage tank, centrifugal pump, skid, reactor, aging kettle, pulp tank, dryer, mixing batch machine, etc.

The general process like: 

Mix ferrous sulfate solution, ammonium dihydrogen phosphate and hydrogen peroxide, add ammonia to adjust the pH value of the solution, synthesize iron phosphate precipitation under a certain pH value. Separate solid and liquid by plate and frame press filtration, wash the filter cake to the conductivity of the washing water. After the ratio and pH meet the requirements, the filter cake is dispersed, crystallized and aged under certain conditions to obtain ferric phosphate dihydrate slurry, which is again separated from solid and liquid by plate and frame press filtration, and washed with water. The filter cake is then flash-dried to remove free water to obtain ferric phosphate dihydrate powder material. The powder is then removed from crystal water in a high-temperature rotary furnace to obtain anhydrous iron phosphate product.

Below is only listed part of the machine items , we could design and select suitable machine, plant layout , construction details according to your production process, production capacity and requirements. 

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